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Lechuza : Rondo 32

[Code: 15800]
Rondo 32

RONDO is the gentle exclamation mark in the CLASSICO family.

Its attractive column shape that delicately narrows down to the bottom draws attention to the sleek planter and its planting, regardless of the surroundings – without stealing the show.

RONDO’s graceful shape perfectly showcases both short and tall plants and plant ensembles.

Unique advantages

Plant liner with recessed frame handle, can also be used with DIAMANTE planters in the same size

Sub-irrigation set

Available in two sizes and seven colours

Our Price

SWS £8.18
Liner £7.08
Frame £4.11

(All Prices are inclusive of VAT)
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Self-watering System?




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NOTE: if you order a liner, it will be the same colour as the planter.

NOTE: If you want the Self-Watering System, you also need to buy the Liner and Frame.

You must buy the frame in order to use the liner.