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Lechuza : Quadro 21

[Code: 18200]
Quadro 21

The Quadro 21 (210mm x 210mm x 200mm Deep) combines the architypal plant container with the features of an opptional modern sub-irrigation.

LECHUZA HAS THE PERFECT SOLUTION: smart planters combining function with design. With a simple striking shape, they are an asset to your home, they are far superior to coventional planters. The pure mineral substrate LECHUZA-PON is a convincing alternative to conventional potting soil, especially in situations where organic soil cannot be used, for example for people with allergies. Enjoy healthy plants, forget the stress of watering, your plants will thank you for it. Did you know that most potted plant suffer not because they get too little water, but because they are sometimes over watered?

With LECHUZA, watering mistakes of this kind are a thing of the past. The LECHUZA sub-irigation set has a reservoir in the bottom of the planter that ensures that your plants receive the exact amount of water they need for optimal growth - a system that follows the example set by nature.

210(L) x 0(W) x 200(H)mm   [8.3" x 0.0" x 7.9"ins]
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